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KS | Design
KS | Design
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A word for would-be clients, please…

My job is not to make you happy.

My job is to make your clients happy.

Design is not for everyone

and neither is working with me.

Kasper Smith, 2019

Take away brash rudeness,

the flashy and the hyped.

Stay loyal to your message

and be judged by what remains.

What lays behind will be honest,

approachable and to the point.

> Offline branding, SEO & POS design, Italy 2017

Good design enhances recognition

in playful balance with curiosity.

It calls for contact and touch,

knowing your needs before you do.

Design can bridge the distance

between your clients and you.

> Branding, Switzerland 2016

Lack of information is no longer an issue,

the opposite is now true.

In sharp designed arrangement,

information will serve you.

Even the most fleeting glances

should be a match for your demand.

> Wearable information design, Global 2015

Very little about me

I am Danish.

Based at Lake Como in Italy.

Design Manager since 2001.

I speak Danish, English, German & Italian.

For your consideration

I am a strong believer in consistency

and I will fight (you) for it every single day.

At times it has cost me clients,

but never any sleepless nights.

If you hire me, you hire my abilities,

so put trust in this decision

and let us stay the course!

Thank you for your consideration

Done right, design is unassuming,

rightfully less than it could be.

Not born out of fluctuating trends,

but a subtle impact formed to last.

Brandishing a pure presence,

standing proud to represent.

< Branding, SEO, web and ID design, Italy 2018

If design has no function,

it should never lay claim to form.

Pointless prompts for interaction,

creates unfulfilled user experience.

Engaging design should be just that;

engaging and designed.

< App design and development, Italy & Switzerland 2014

Contrary to the current environment

with shifting media and wanton platforms,

words can advance understanding.

They break the ice and define the difference

of trendsetting babble and transcending comprehension.

< App design, web and social media, Global 2015